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Your New Anywhere HQ

Coworking spaces offer unique opportunities for flexible desk space at a fraction of the cost of a permanent office. Sidra provides a WeWork membership to the nationwide WeWork network as a resource for you to collaborate with fellow brokers, stop by and plug in, or simply a place to meet with potential clients.

  • Sidra offers non-mandatory team meetings every Monday,morning & Friday afternoon which we feel are essential.

  • Collaborate with fellow brokers to understand what is going on in the market and expand your network.


why wework - case study

Good enough for Microsoft,

Good enough for Sidra


How Microsoft Reached 92% Employee Satisfaction with WeWork

Microsoft’s New York City-based sales team worked out of the company’s headquarters in the Times Square area. Microsoft wanted to find the most efficient solution for the hundreds of staffers fanning out over the entire region.

Giving 300 employees — about 70 percent of the sales team — access to all WeWork locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

“When we looked at the opportunity of WeWork spaces, it was unusual since we already have a building near Times Square,” says General Manager Matt Donovan. “We started to think of the benefit to our teams, which is what drives us as a company.”

When Microsoft gave 300 members of its sales staff access to WeWork in 2016, the company wanted to accomplish three things:

  • Cut down on commute times to and from work and time spent traveling between meetings.

  • Enable employees to engage with a creative, collaborative community.

  • Measure the impact on performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Donovan says that “creating a positive environment” for the sales team was important to Microsoft. And to make sure that they were doing so, they surveyed the team.

The result? About 84 percent of those surveyed believe access to WeWork makes them more productive during their workday, and 74 percent say membership makes it more convenient for them to have access to their customers. Well over 90 percent were satisfied with locations they visited.

“There is a lot of early evidence, and it’s only been a few months, to suggest this is a very positive experience”  -Matt Donovan, General Manager, Microsoft

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